Get The Medical Care You Need When You Don't Have Insurance By Seeing A Doctor Who Offers A Sliding Scale For Their Fees

9 November 2017
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When you need medical care, it can be hard to get it if you do not have insurance and do not qualify for government assistance. There are some medical providers who offer patients reduced rates for their health care based on their income each year. The following guide walks you through a few things you need to know about seeing a health care provider who offers a sliding scale for the medical care they offer:

You Must Prove How Much You Make Annually

When you apply to pay for your healthcare on a sliding scale, you need to provide the office with proof of your annual income. This can be done by allowing them to make a copy of the W-2 you receive from your employer. If you do not have your W-2, you may be able to show them a copy of the information you used when you filed your taxes.

Some Care Must be Paid in Full

When you see a healthcare professional, there are certain types of care that must be paid in full before they can be done. This is to ensure that large ticket items are paid for. Certain forms of birth control, some vaccinations, and some testing may need to be paid in full before the doctor can do anything.

Some Care Can be Paid for Over Time

Offices that offer a sliding scale will often let you pay for some care over an extended period of time. If you need have a recurring illness or need recurring treatment, the doctor may require you to pay an initial fee to be seen and then allow you to pay for the rest of the fees over time. You will be put on a schedule for when the fees need to be paid, and the doctor may refuse to see you in the future if the fees are not paid on time or are not paid at all. The fees can be sent to collection and damage your credit if you neglect them for an extended period of time.

If you want to know if a doctor's office offers a sliding scale option to their patients, simply call and ask before your appointment. This will allow you to ensure that you do not end up paying more for the care that you need than you expect to pay. If the office does not offer a sliding scale for payments, they may be able to direct you to a doctor that does.

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